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Tomassa.com boasts a vast array of own label necklaces & pendants. The necklaces & pendants presented range from elegant statement pieces, to pieces crafted with 18ct gold and accented with sparkling diamonds, to more dainty, every day pieces featuring a display of colorful cabochons.  

Tomassa.com is a hidden gem on the web, offering a hand picked selection of precious but accessible necklaces & pendants that transform effortlessly from one occasion to the next. If you are looking for a piece of jewellery to buy for a particular occasion, take inspiration from the ‘to where to’ section which strategically narrows down pieces of fine jewellery by event to ensure you find the perfect piece you are looking for.

With an extensive selection of necklaces&pendants, free next day UK delivery and a transparent returns policy, tomassa.com is the idyllic shopping destination.