Tomassa jewellery is made using many natural materials including: carved gemstones, ebony and ceramics, all of which are naturally very beautiful but they do need some care to maintain their looks.

 We recommend that you follow these tips to ensure that your Tomassa pieces stay as beautiful as they were on the day you bought them:

  • Avoid moisturising your hands whilst wearing your rings. The product can build up on your jewellery and cause staining.
  • Likewise, perfume can stain materials so remove your jewellery whilst spraying.
  • Chlorine is very harsh on all materials so removing your jewellery when swimming will help preserve its colour.
  • Daily showering can result in product build-up on your jewellery too so remove when possible.
  • Store your jewellery in a clean and dry place.
  • Do not store sharp jewellery pieces together as they may scratch and damage each other.
  • If you are using an ultrasonic cleaner on your jewellery, be very careful as they are not suitable for all materials. For material specific advice please take a look our material information and gemstone information pages.
  • We provide a multipurpose jewellery cloth with every piece of Tomassa jewellery. We advise you wipe your jewellery both after use and before storing. 
  • Silver jewellery oxidizes from contact with air so when you are not wearing it you should polish it carefully and store in a ziplock plastic bag to ensure it stays nice and shiny.